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Nashville Capital Tours
                       Thomas Taylor 615-5040185
                       Bill Lewis         615-4731071




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      20 Minute  Downtown Ride 2 to 4 Adults $30 

    Each Additional Adult $5  Children FREE

      30 Minute Downtown Ride 2 to 4 Adults $40

    Each Additional $5 Children FREE

     You will find us on the corner 2nd & Broadway

    Big White Vis-A-Vis Carriage

    Carriage No. 81

    Nashville Real Estate
    We will provide you the very best that we can, we are licenses with the transportation board of Nashville TN. We are required to  have top equipment, Healthy horses that receive the best of care.We are insured with Burlington company. We have safe horses and large Vis-A-Vis Carriages. The Horses are trained and the Drivers are very Professional and are informed to help with any question about Nashville or the wonderful Horses. TRAINING--
    An athlete was never made by mere instruction. No soldier was ever  trained by the mere study of his manual, but by practicing his drill. Not the hearers of the law, but the doers are justified before GOD. We must be going forward, not standing still, simply listening and learning, Where our duty is seen GOD is revealed. Duty is always the will of GOD, To see it and not to do it, is a most disastrous thing for the man, as well as being an offense against GOD. 

    Company Owner is a company that believes in safety for guest, and beautiful Horses. Drivers are very experienced with the Horses and in there needs, Horses are very experienced in downtown traffic and helping drivers.

    Many people are very happy with the ride and glad that they get all the extras with ride and they like getting pictures of fun for keep sake. A lot of discounts with ride,  local eating and Hotels and information. 

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